Thursday, July 19, 2012

At Dawn We Rage - Close To Never

     This is another sweet chune you oughtta be tunin' in to. I've been a long time fan of At Dawn We Rage, a very long time fan, and one of my favorite things about these guys is their absurd generosity. They give out alot of free shit. It's really nice.
     This one is melodic and surreal, and feels contemporary compared to alot of dubstep that's been dropping recently. It's really nice. This is a late night chune, something to dream to. Basslines this robust deserve a nice pair of headphones and a pillow.
     If you somehow aren't already, become a fan of ADWR on Facebook, check out their Soundcloud for alot of free tunage, and write about them in your diaries for sure.

Stay fresh, and stay close - OTC

Eddie Thoneik - I Wanna Freak You (Low Steppa Remix)

     Alright. This is a real special one. Low Steppa took a pretty random piece and turned it into a house masterpiece. This is old school. This is house I can't put it into words, this is one of the best tracks of 2K12 if you ask me. It's so simple, it's evocative, provocative, invigorating, and undeniable. If anything is going to get a bunch of people moving, it's this. No clue why... but this really just strikes a chord with me, and it resonates with my inner raver. Nirvana is achieved.
     Make sure that you check out Low Steppa's other work on Soundcloud, become a fan of him on Facebook, and send him pictures of cats on Instragram and Twitter.

Stay fresh, and stay freaky - OTC

Trappuccino Thursday

     Yes. This is the name we came up for trap-themed Thursdays. Excuse me, bring your attention back down here from the semi-erotic picture above. Stay with me here, alright? I'll be hitting you up weekly with some fresh thugness. Trap is still kinda new, so I might not have as much on the menu as a few of my constituents, but if things keep going as they are - it won't be long before there's more trap than anything else lol.
     Now, when you're done taking one last scan of the mermaid donk above, bring those eyes right back down here and begin a journey with me dear reader. A journey into the hood or your subconscious.
     First up, a delectable dopification of Ellie Goulding's iconic 'Lights' by Direct. Now, I know alot of you might be saying 'eugh not ANOTHER Lights remix, surely I have heard all of teh good ones!!1!'. Well I'm going to say that alot of you are stupid for saying that. Listen. Shit's fresh.

Download Ellie Goulding Lights (Direct's Trap Remix)

     Next up is probably one of my favorite Drankenstein remixes so far, the take he did on 'Greyhound' by Swedish House Mafia. He loaded it up with some mean snares and angry 808's and it's almost too gritty to still call 'Greyhound'. Sounds more like a doberman, or pit bull to me.

Download Swedish House Mafia Greyhound (Drankenstein Remix)

     Wouldn't be real without a throwback from Flosstradamus, the G's that started this movement.

Download Flosstradamus Hood Fantasy

     Starfoxxx goes in on a remix of Diplo's smasher 'Express Yourself' which was already designed to be twerkable, but now? Not twerking to this track is rumored to be a criminal violation punishable by a hefty fine in some Eastern European countries...

Download Diplo Express Yourself (Starfoxxx Remix)

     Speaking of grandmaster Diplo, I recently rediscovered a piece he did from a while back. He took this collab by Star Slinger and Reggie B, and he made it chiller (which is hard to do with a Star Slinger track) and fresher (which is hard to do with a Reggie B track). I really like this one, still gives me chills. Obligatory download track, ya feel. I'm not even sure if this is totally trap, but it's not going to stop me from sharing.

Download Star Slinger Dumbin' feat. Reggie B (Diplo Remix)

     One more dispatch of what feels like semi-relevance. Nero just dropped this a while back at Hackney and it's been makin' some serious splashes. I don't even know wtf this is. I'm not sure if it really is trap. But it makes me feel like trap makes me feel. I likes it a very lot. This is future thug kiddies, I'll hit you up with a better quality DL as soon as I've got it.

Download Die Antwoord Fok Julle Naaiers (NERO Bootleg)

     I was also just recently referred to this stellar iteration of The Cataracs' 'All You'. I'm really into this one you guys, been on a loop all day. Get crunk on it fer me~~

Download The Cataracs All You (Alive Trap Remix)

     The most recent underdog thug (underthug?) that I've taken a real shine to is SirOJ. Kind of an odd name, but a really tight sound. Here's a supersick remix he just dropped.

Download The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll (SirOJ Remix)

     I'ma close this baby out with a sweetass mix of trap, hip-hop, and some dubstep by Reid Speed. Hope ya digz it, more to come soon daggies!


Stay fresh, and stay dope - OTC
p.s. SEND ME YOUR TRAP DAGGIES, email it to

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gumdrop Tuesdays [Dubstep + Filth]

Hope your ready to rage because I pulled out all the stops on this one. Here is a list of bangers both new and old, that could easily take out half of a retirement home. Crizzly and AFK team up for an all out banger, remixing Jibbs track Chain Hang Low. Now for a new Monstercat release starring Stephen Walking and he straight murders this one, each drop is satisfying and leaves you wanting more. This next track from Doctor P I heard for the first time last Wednesday when I saw Dillon Francis in SF, and it was just plain stupid. There are a few Electro bangers I just couldn't pass up, especially this insane remix from The Boomzers of Knife Party's track Rage Valley. These next three tracks are from Kezwik who is 16 and he just gets it. These three tracks are Dubstep at its absolute finest. CENOB1TE quickly jumped to the top of my list of face melting artists once I heard this track, Onslaught dropped in Knife Party's set. Alvin Risk and Skrillex on the same track, enough said. Now for a massive VIP from the guy we know as Kill The Noise, and he does some serious work on his track Jokes On you. These next to tracks from Street Lurkin MUST BE HEARD, need to expose these two, they get it. The next artist is from Kazakhstan, LOL Yea he fux with Borat and his name is Farleon. South Central better get big because they have the same seizure style filth as Knife Party, and Freak Party is just nuts. Skrillex finally did something again, and its just disgusting in this "Going Hard" Mix of Birdy Nam Nam's track Goin' In . Now for a bit older track with a new video featuring Rita Ora's track R.I.P. getting the Delta Heavy treatment. Nothing like a little classic Zeds Dead for your Tuesday evening, going hard as usual. This next one is probably the most massive remix of Nero's track Me & You, seriously don't miss this one, been on repeat for days. Nero drops a massive bootleg of South African rap-rave crew, Die Antwoord, track is titled Fok Julie Naaiers. Now for one of the sickest tracks Bassnectar has dropped in a while remixing RUN DMT's track Sugarcube. Here is the biggest remix of Vandalism to date, and Dirtyloud is responsible. Finishing off with Tristam remixing Knife Party's track Fire Hive. Cheers. Jibbs - Chain Hang Low (Crizzly & AFK Remix) DOWNLOAD Stephen Walking - Live It Up Doctor P - Galaxies & Stars feat. Ce'cile Knife Party - Rage Valley (The Boomzers Remix) Kezwik - Promise Me Kezwik feat. Messinian - PTFO Prototype & Kezwik - Problematic CENOB1TE - Onslaught (Original Mix) Alvin Risk feat. Skrillex - Imma Try It Out Kill The Noise - Jokes On You VIP Kredo - Gate Of Fate (Street Lurkin & Must Die Remix) Lea Luna & Quivver - Arrest The DJ (Street Lurkin Remix) BioBlitZ - Globe Warmer (Farleon Remix) South Central - Freak Party Bidry Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Hard" Mix) Rita Ora - R.I.P. (Delta Heavy Remix) Zeds Dead & Omar Linx - The Living Dead Nero - Me & You (Roksonix Remix) Die Antwoord - Fok Julie Naaiers (Nero Bootleg) RUN DMT - Sugarcube (Bassnectar Remix) DOWNLOAD Porter Robinson feat. Amba Shepard - Vandalism (Dirtyloud Remix) Knife Party - Fire Hive (Tristam Remixx)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wolfgang Gartner - Flexx (Drankenstein Remix)

     Drankenstein, to those of you whom are uninitiated in the growing trap producer circles, is actually the alter ego of Bird Peterson (mega producer whom I love). By day, he is bird, by night - Batman Drankenstein, the hardcore trap scientist who has made some killer innovations since becoming involved in the epidemic. If you've been paying attention, 'Flexx' is the most recent electrohouse banger of Wolfgang Gartner's to impact the blogosphere and Drank gives it the full thug treatment.

     Something I admire in the work that Drankenstein has done so far, is that he targets alot of more or less simple prog house or electro house tracks, and he transforms them into track bangers by slightly editing elements of the original track - but he makes it more maximal rather than stripping it to be more bare. It's a very unusual way of doing things as compared to alot of other trap producers I guess. This one is loaded with some really raw snare fills, and some heart stopping drops, among a shit ton of erratic hihats and leads. Very crunk. Overall I really just love hearing remixes of Wolfgang tracks tbh, and Drank does one hell of a job.

     Make sure you check out Bird Peterson & Drankenstein on Facebook, all the material is under one Soundcloud account belonging to Bird Peterson, and I don't know if he has seperate Twitter profiles. Check it out, show some love, get down.

Stay fresh, and stay flexx - OTC

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weapons of Mass Dubstortion

Just released last week we have South Centrals new EP entitled Weapons of Mass Dubstortion. Four new original tracks, and not one of them lacks a thing. We got two dubstep tracks and two electro tracks (one thats 118bpm- call it whatever you want, i'm going with electro), both packed with the hard, heavy basslines and crazy party bleeps you know south central for.  Here we have my favorite track off the EP, Freak Party. To check out and buy the rest of the EP click HERE

Download South Central Freak Party

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wolfgang Gartner EP Teaser

     More good news for you 4th of July survivors (look at me, ignorantly assuming all of our readers live in 'merica). Today the ever enigmatic Wolfgang Gartner dropped a teaser for his forthcoming EP 'Casual Encounters of The 3rd Kind'. Now, Wolfgang is renowned for being sort of a perfectionist, to which I reluctantly owe the lack of Wolfgang tuneage in my life. Because of his compulsive nature there are large gaps between releases (He's been producing since like the 90's and his debut album only dropped last year). Of course, this also means that when he makes a release, it's stellar (i.e. that debut album I mentioned).

     The two tracks that have been unveiled are 'Girl on Girl' and 'Girl on Boy' and my fingers are crossed for a 'Boy on Boy' too, as well as any other combination of boys and girls if it means more music from Wolfgang. The tracks are both pretty refreshing in my opinion, sticking to his innovative style, they are funky and very new sounding and they stand out from alot of the recent fluff that's floating around. The two tracks in contrast, are very very very similar, actually complete with identical leads/melody at one point. This of course, is classic Wolfgang, and clearly on purpose. If anyone else would think back to 'Yin' and 'Yang' and the discovery that when played together at the same time those two became a brilliantly composed banger. I imagine the very same is intended for that which Wolfgang has already let us peek at. I'm also pretty stoked for these because I think it's a throwback to the real Wolfgang Gartner. 'There & Back', 'Redline', and 'Flexx', are all recent singles, and though I love them dearly - it could be said things are sort of uninspired in them... It seemed as though Wolfgang had caught himself a serious case of the Swedish bug, and the distinct European house sound was done well, but all the same kind of sad in a way. What makes Wolfgang Gartner so amazing is his obsessive knack for being really different, of walking the line between being boring yet relevant, and totally off the grid inventive yet groundbreaking and fresh. I'm thinking this EP will show us more of that man for sure.

     Check it out below, I'm going to safely assume that you already follow Wolfgang on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Soundcloud, Digg, Reddit, Youtube, or his 4chan gold account. If you don't already, I invite you to enjoy a nice tall glass of fuck yourself, follow him already he's awesome.

Stay fresh, and stay casual - OTC